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Get Fit With Monica!

Get Fit With Monica!

Private Personal Training 

Inside, online, outside or all. You choose!

American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Monica Monedero

A client says it best...

"...Monica adapts the training to the individual instead of a cookie cutter approach that many trainers use. In addition to exercise, she also encourages a change in eating habits as opposed to going on a diet. This has been instrumental in my success. Her coming to the house and being able to work out almost anywhere is great! She came highly recommended by a coworker who is the husband of one of her clients and has far exceeded my expectations."

~Get Fit with Monica client, Bob Brodie

Fitness Training


Each client is special.  No two are the same.  Some may want to lose weight; another simply wants to tone up their body; and still another may just need someone to keep them exercising because they are so busy with their own schedules they don't take the time they need for themselves.  This is where Monica comes in!  She comes to the office, to the home, or on the bike trail! Once you sign on, she will keep you working toward your goal!

It is not just about weight loss; it is about feeling good and healthy at whatever weight is right for you!

 Why Use a Personal Trainer?

- To teach you how to exercise properly and safely

- Avoid future exercise related injuries

- Help motivate you to work out and reach your goals

- Keep you accountable and on track toward your goal

- Train you to be healthier so you can make a lifestyle change, and not just a diet or exercise plan for the short term!

Why Get Fit with Monica mobile personal training?

- Monica Monedero is Certified by the American College of Sports Medicine which is considered to be the "Gold Standard" of Fitness Certifications. She has also specialized in working with several special needs groups which include being certified as an Autism Exercise Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine.

From Monica:

- There are several methods I use to help keep you focused on your goal in addition to showing up  and   giving you a workout.  It includes staying mentally healthy, and my method insures that you will see yourself in a new light.  Additionally, there is no one way to work with any client, and I find the best method for you!

- Access to your personalized client fitness record, workouts, recommendations and statistics at anytime through your smartphone or computer. Client fitness record includes body fat test and estimations, protein requirements and much more so you can always have detailed information about your current level of fitness.

- Changes to your diet.  

- I have a plan for diet improvements that can help you transition to eating a  healthier diet without counting calories.

- Find ways to work out right in your home so there are NO EXCUSES

- Move outside and make working out a part of your lifestyle

- Reach and maintain your desired weight with your new, healthy habits

See the my Review page, Before and After photos, or read a couple of the success stories about my clients, found on the sidebar to find out more about why you will want to change your life by working with Get fit with Monica!

*Results may vary and depend on client's individual commitment to exercise and diet


Monica Monedero
American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
Certified Personal Trainer 

Sacramento, CA

Personal Training

in the Sacramento area

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Member American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

Certifications, Education and Background

Near Fair Oaks Bridge in Fair Oaks, CA

Monica Monedero, age 58

Sacramento/Carmichael, CA

Certified Personal Trainer, American College of Sports Medicine, ACSM

ACSM Nutrition

ACSM Autism Exercise Specialist 

ACSM  Other Specialized CEUs,  Resistance training for Seniors, Diabetes and the Workplace, Exercise and Obesity,  Menopausal Weight Gain, Pre-Natal Fitness. Special Needs of Seniors, Group Fitness, Athletic Diets, Sports Nutrition, Running Gait and Injury Prevention, Mid Adulthood Resistance Training, Metabolism and Energy Balance.


Create an environment for change; eat to live, enjoy the food, but not live to eat, and cross train your body.

If a person is not in a healthy environment then they need to change that environment.  New habits need to be created beginning with diet and exercise. 

Some people may exercise a lot, but don't eat right and keep extra weight on their bodies - weight that could be lost and make their activities more enjoyable!  Others may eat right, but have no strength or endurance and can't DO the activities they would like to do!

When eating, most people know to eat a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. It is also important to do the same with exercise; get a variety of whole body exercises that will engage all muscle groups, and develop balance.


Personal background about Monica Monedero

Monica has been involved in healthy living and nutrition for over 30 years.  It started when she was a teenager when her parents began organic farming.  Their chickens were "cage free" long before it was a well known term.  "Organic", "Yoga practice" and "whole foods" were commonly used words around her house. However, she also knows the importance of balance, and enjoyment of life which does not always include eating whole foods...it is about moderation, and understanding your body! 

After her first child, she gained weight as most women do (about 70lbs).  It took a few years before she could get the weight off even though she had always maintained a healthy lifestyle.  After a few years, she lost the weight.  But is wasn't until she was 40 that she began an active outdoor lifestyle, and truly became fit. Many of her friends wanted to know how she stayed so fit and full of energy. She decided to make a career of it and help those who had not yet discovered that no matter what your age, it is never too late to start becoming physically fit!


*Results may vary and depend on client's individual commitment to exercise and diet

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